Information for researchers

How data can be accessed

  • Participating centres have continual access to their own datasets and can export them directly in various formats for local analyses.
  • The study of SPAC data from several centres is regulated by the SPAC committee, which consists of the SPAC clinics and members of the SPAC data centre. Researchers who wish to use data should submit a concept sheet describing the planned analysis to the SPAC committee for approval (supplementary document 1). If the SPAC Committee agrees, a publication agreement (supplementary document 2) is signed and the SPAC data centre prepares a partial dataset for the proposed analysis. The SPAC data centre will work closely with and support the lead researchers of each study.
  • Researchers who wish to develop a nested study with inclusion of additional data also need to submit a proposal to the SPAC committee and request permission. Additional data collected by nested studies must be contributed to the SPAC database after the study. Nested studies might need separate ethics permission.